Components of Solid Waste Hammer Crusher


Components of Solid Waste Hammer Crusher
The structure of a hammer crusher is an important part of a piece of machinery and equipment. Because of its advantages and disadvantages, it will be immediately related to all normal application conditions of the machinery and equipment. Therefore, there is a relevant grasp of the structural components of the hammer crusher, not only In order to better ensure the normal use of machinery and equipment afterwards, and also to better assist everyone in the stronger application of machinery and equipment.
1. Housing: The housing of the hammer crusher is composed of the lower human body, the rear top cover, the left side wall and the right side wall, and each part is connected as a whole according to the anchor bolts. An inlet is set up at the upper end, and all the inner cavity of the casing is embedded with a medium carbon steel liner, which facilitates the removal and replacement of the liner after it is damaged. The lower body is made of carbon steel plate by electric welding. In order to better place the roller bearing suitable for the rotor on both sides, medium carbon steel is specially selected for electric welding and welding of the rolling bearing rubber bearing. The lower side of the casing can be immediately fixed on the concrete with anchor screws, and the rear top cover, left and right walls of the casing are all made of carbon steel plates by electric welding. There is no protective measure between the casing and the shaft. The dust leakage is very serious. In order to better avoid dust leakage, water pump seals are set up at any position of the casing and the area where the shaft touches. In order to facilitate the maintenance, adjustment and replacement of grate bars and hammer heads, inspection ports are opened on both sides of the wall.
2. Hammer head: The hammer head is the key working component of the Solid Waste Hammer Crusher. The quality, appearance and material of the hammer head determine the production volume of the hammer crusher. The size of the hammer head’s mechanical energy is positively related to the hammer head’s net weight. The heavier the hammer head, the greater the mechanical energy and the higher the crushing rate. The head net weight types are available, the small hammer head is 15KG, and the large hammer head can reach 298KG.
3. Rotor: The rotor is the key working position of the Solid Waste Hammer Crusher The rotor is composed of main shaft bearing, hammer disc, shaft pin, hammer head, etc. There are well-proportioned pin holes on the disk, and the hammer head is suspended by the shaft pin. In order to better avoid the radial shaking of the disc and the hammer head, use a locknut to fix it on both sides of the shaft pin. The rotor is supported on two roller bearings. The rolling bearing is fixed on the rubber support of the lower body according to the anchor bolts. There are also two positioning nuts fixed on the middle center distance of the rolling bearing. In order to better enable the rotor to store a certain amount of mechanical energy during fitness exercises, to reduce the load of the motor and alleviate the damage of the hammer head, a water pump flywheel is deliberately equipped at one end of the main shaft bearing.
4. Lining board and percussion board: The Solid Waste Hammer Crusher beats the iron ore according to the high speed of the hammer. The iron ore has a great speed and mechanical energy in an instant. In order to better avoid the damage of the sound card rack, the sound card machine The inner cavity of the frame is lined with alloy steel, and the percussive plate is made of high-strength steel forged and heat treated after strengthening to ensure the excellent wear resistance and impact resistance of the liner and percussive plate. Because the hammer crusher works in a difficult environment, the quality of the hammer crusher determines its service life, and the quality of the Solid Waste Hammer Crusher is determined by the materials of its components.
5. Spindle bearing: The spindle bearing is the key component of the hammer crusher's supporting point rotor. The net weight and impact force of the rotor and hammer head are borne by it. Therefore, the material of the spindle bearing has high ductility and compressive strength. , The material of the spindle bearing is made of carbon steel of good quality, and the heat treatment is carried out according to the ultrasonic flaw detector. The hammer disc of the hammer crusher is used to suspend the hammer head. In the operation of the Solid Waste Hammer Crusher, the hammer disc inevitably suffers from the impact and friction of iron ore. Therefore, the hammer disc shall be provided with a certain degree of Wear resistance, the hammer plate and hammer hole are made of high-strength steel nitriding heat treatment process to improve its wear resistance.
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