Precautions for Replacing the Wear Parts of the Waste Hammer Crusher


Precautions for replacing the wear parts of the Waste Hammer Crusher
Waste Hammer Crusher are often used to crush large and medium-sized raw materials such as mining and smelting plants, decorative building materials, roads, railway lines, water conservancy projects, chemical plants, etc., and it is very easy to cause serious damage to its internal accessories. If the accessories are not replaced immediately, it is very easy to cause the application rate of machinery and equipment to decrease.
1. Replacement of thrust plate of Waste Hammer Crusher
 When the thrust plate is seriously damaged or the front thrust plate ruptures, remove the iron ore in the crushing cavity first, remove the damaged or broken thrust plate, and check whether the movable jaw and the toggle plate on the crankshaft are damaged. . Then drag the movable jaw to the periphery of the fixed jaw, moisturize the toggle work surface with thin oil, replace the new thrust plate, make it gradually touch the toggle work surface, tighten the leveling support rod, and make the movable jaw clamp To the thrust plate. Tighten the cover, connect the air intake system, and then adjust the size of the outlet.
2. Replace the liner of the hammer crusher
The fixed jaw liner (tooth block), movable jaw liner (tooth block) and liner (weather shield) on both sides of the Waste Hammer Crusher are very easy to damage. The more serious damage will cause the particle size distribution of the product. When the inner lining is damaged, the inner lining can be rotated for application, or the upper and lower sides can be rotated for application. The damage of the jaw plate is mostly concentrated at the lower end. When the tooth block is damaged by 3/5, a new liner should be replaced. When the liner on both sides is damaged by 2/5, a new one should be replaced.
3. Replacement of journal, camshaft and bearing bush of Waste Hammer Crusher
If there is very little damage on the shaft, just repair the geometric shape, and you can get the edge milling on the lathe. When the Waste Hammer Crusher is working under impact load, the babbitt alloy bushing on the bearing bush is recast every 2 years. If the camshaft and the bearing bush, the mandrel and the bearing bush are damaged, and the gap exceeds 1.5 times the original installation gap, the height should be adjusted or replaced; if the oil groove is damaged by 1.5 mm, the adjustment should be opened again. When the gap between the top cover of the crankshaft head and the camshaft is damaged to 1.5 times larger than the installation gap, the pad should be adjusted or replaced with a new one.
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