Causes of Heating of the Bearings of the Solid Waste Hammer Crusher


Causes of heating of the bearings of the Solid Waste Hammer Crusher
The working principle of the Solid Waste Hammer Crusher is to complete the work of crushing materials by impact energy, so in the process of completing the work, the role of the bearing is quite a backbone, and it plays a very important role. In our material selection, it also has a bearing on the bearing. Highly demanding.
1. Improper design coordination of bearing and shaft or hole
When the bearing is working, due to frictional heating and other heat sources, the temperature of the ferrule will be higher than the temperature of the parts to be matched. The thermal expansion of the inner ring will cause it to loosen with the journal, and the thermal expansion of the outer ring will cause it The tightening of the fit with the housing hole will cause the bearing to heat up.
2. The machining accuracy of equipment parts does not meet the requirements
In particular, the machining accuracy of the bearing seat cannot meet the requirements, which is an important factor. The machining of the bearing seat hole must ensure the tolerance, roughness and cylindricity requirements of the hole. If the hole tolerance is too small, the bearing clearance will be too small when fitting, and if the hole tolerance is too large, the fitting will be loose. Both of these situations will cause the bearing to heat up.
3. Poor installation quality
In the installation process of the Solid Waste Hammer Crusher, the poor installation quality of the bearing is manifested in such aspects as the bearing seat is not level, the coupling is misaligned, and the bearing does not have enough thermal expansion.
(1) Improper installation causes the coupling to be misaligned and the bearing seat is not level: the alignment of the coupling or split bearing seat is not adjusted properly, the alignment accuracy is poor, and the bearing is in a twisted state in the initial state.
(2) The free end bearing does not leave enough thermal expansion during installation, so that the bearing at this end cannot stretch freely during operation, causing the bearing to endure greater axial force and heat or even burn out.
4. Vibration factors
The vibration of the hammer also affects the wear and temperature rise of the bearing.
Vibration source: unbalance of the rotor, misalignment of installation, loose connecting bolts of the bearing seat, vibration from the motor, etc., especially the unbalance factor of the rotor is more prominent, due to the large mass of the rotor and high circumferential speed, the loss of balance will produce a large amount The centrifugal force causes the crusher to try to vibrate strongly, which accelerates the wear of the bearing and causes the bearing to heat up.
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