Reasons for the Wear of the Hammer Head of the E-Waste Hammer Crusher


Reasons for the wear of the hammer head of the E-Waste Hammer Crusher
E-Waste Hammer Crusher have a large number of applications in the cement industry. It is mainly used for limestone crushing operations. The large single-stage E-Waste Hammer Crusher can directly crush limestone with a diameter of 1 meter to about 20mm. It has a strong crushing capacity and can be used for direct limestone crushing. Therefore, the production capacity of the equipment is greatly increased, and the discharge port can be added to adjust the parameters, which is more convenient and high-yield.
The hammer head wear of the E-Waste Hammer Crusher is inevitable, but if the wear is too fast, the faster frequency is too high, then it is necessary to check whether there is a problem in the equipment itself or in the operation. The main factors affecting the wear of the hammer are: the material of the hammer, the structural design, the technical design of the crusher, etc.
1. The structure design of the hammer head
Hammers with different structures and geometric shapes have great differences in the mechanical properties and internal metallographic structure of the heat treatment, which will have a greater impact on the wear resistance, especially the hammers with large thickness and size. . The thicker the hammer head, the harder it is to harden, and the worse its wear resistance.
2. The influence of hammerhead material
 Generally speaking, the greater the hardness of the hammer, the greater the wear resistance. To improve the wear resistance of the hammer head, it is necessary to increase its hardness, but as the hardness increases, the impact toughness of the hammer head will decrease. Therefore, how to balance the appropriate hardness and good impact toughness of the hammer is the key to improving the wear resistance of the hammer.