Solutions to Common Problems of Hammer Crusher


Solutions to common problems of hammer crusher
Hammer crushers are more suitable for mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, construction and other industries, and have a good crushing effect on materials with high hardness and toughness. However, even the best equipment has some minor failures after long-term use, the common one is the phenomenon of bearing overheating.
Because the hammer crusher has a large workload and production demand, the protection device can play a good protection effect. The main protection parts are the hammer head, rotor and body. After installation, the use of the machine can be extended after use. life. Through the continuous efforts of experts to research and develop and based on the hammer head and rotor is an important part of measuring the performance of the hammer crusher, the hydraulic protection device installed on the rotor can effectively control the impact of the material on the hammer head and can effectively control the impact of the material on the hammer. When crushing, it will automatically give up the crushing work and move to the next stage. This way can avoid the possibility of the rotor or the bearing part from breaking due to violent impact and also reduce the maintenance cost of the machine itself. Protect the hammer crusher. normal work.
The bearing box of the hammer crusher is filled with lubricating oil, so if the bearing is overheated, the problem above 80 is caused by the lubricating oil. Under normal circumstances, too much lubricating oil, too little or dirty and deteriorated bearings will cause overheating. This requires us to open the bearing box and check it. The lubricating oil generally occupies about 70-80 of the bearing space. If it is dirty and deteriorated, then the bearing box needs to be cleaned and replaced with new lubricating oil. After replacement, be sure to seal the bearing box to avoid deterioration again. In addition to lubricating oil, the uneven height of the two bearing seats, or the misalignment of the motor rotor and the coal gangue grinder rotor can also cause the bearing to overheat. This kind of situation rarely occurs, but if we find it, we must stop the machine for inspection immediately, and then turn it on again after troubleshooting. Another situation is that the bearing is damaged. If it is determined, a new bearing must be replaced in time to avoid more serious damage to the equipment.
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