Precautions for Plastic Crusher


Precautions for plastic crusher
With the development of science and technology, the plastic machinery industry is constantly changing. It changes with the changes of the times. Among them, plastic crushers have been widely used in industry.
The main points of use and maintenance of plastic crusher are different according to the type and working conditions of plastic crusher.
1. Before starting, the driving wheel should be moved one or two laps manually. After confirming that the movement is flexible, start the opening action of the plastic crusher, and wait for the plastic crusher to run normally before feeding.
2. Before stopping the operation of the plastic crusher, the feeding should be stopped and the materials in the machine should be drained, and then the power supply of the motor should be cut off.
3. Pay attention to the temperature of the bearing during operation, ensure that the bearing maintains a good lubrication state, and pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound and vibration. When an abnormal situation is found, the first thing to do is to stop and check whether it is jammed by something that is not easily broken, or the plastic crusher is damaged.
4. Keep the feed of the plastic crusher uniform to prevent overload. Strictly prevent unbreakable objects such as metal and wood from falling into the machine. When it cannot be crushed, the feed moisture cannot be too high; when wet crushing, it is necessary to maintain an appropriate amount of water to prevent blockage due to insufficient flushing water and reduce production capacity.
5. Check whether the particle size of the crushed product meets the requirements. If there are too many particles exceeding the specified size, the reasons should be found out (such as too large screen gap, too wide discharge opening, hammer wear, etc.), and appropriate measures should be taken to eliminate it.
6. When the plastic crusher is stopped, check whether the fastening bolts are firm and the degree of wear of the easily worn parts. For the tooth crusher, the parking opportunity should also be used to remove the wood sandwiched between the teeth.
7. Worn out parts should be replaced or repaired in time.
8. The safety device of the plastic crusher must be kept in good condition.
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