Is your medical waste crushing system up to standard?


Medical waste is a kind of hazardous waste with direct or indirect infectivity, toxicity and other hazards, which pollutes the environment, spreads diseases, threatens health and does great harm. In our country is listed as the number one hazardous waste. With the vigorous promotion of China's medical undertakings, the production of medical waste has also increased significantly. According to statistics: in 2013, the output of medical waste in China was about 1.832 million tons, and in 2017, the annual output of domestic medical waste was 2.288 million tons. Current domestic mainstream medical waste disposal methods: High temperature cooking disinfection (high temperature cooking disinfection - crushing type - landfill), according to the national HJ/T 276-2006 document provisions, crushing equipment should be able to crush hard materials and soft materials at the same time, the particle size of the material after crushing should not be greater than 5 cm, such as primary crushing can not meet the requirements, should be set secondary crushing, The crushing force has been strictly in accordance with the national provisions of the medical waste crushing disposal system design and manufacturing.

At present, the domestic high temperature sterilization process mostly adopts the first stage crushing, particle size is generally difficult to meet the requirements, with the increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, the problem is gradually exposed.

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Veolia adopts the technology of high temperature cooking and disinfection in medical waste disposal.

Veolia, a French company, built a medical waste high-temperature cooking and disinfection treatment system in China in 2014, and Crusher Power designed and produced a medical waste crushing and disposal system for it according to national standards.