HDPE Film Crusher
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HDPE Film Crusher

HDPE Film Crusher mainly used in shredding light weight materials, such as agricultural film, industrial film, woven bags, fishing nets, paper, filament materials, clothes etc,

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Product Description

HDPE Film Crusher



1.HDPE Film Crusher Introduction

The HDPE Film Crusher mainly used in plastics, pipes, rubber, electrical wastes, wood, chemical, metal, printing etc industries, could crush materials such as films, degraded materials, pipes, tyres, wires, plastic hollow containers, wood, shoes, paper etc.


Customers also could require to choose the suitable rotor that according to the different materials and improve the capacity of crusher, reduce the rate of equipment failure and increase of service life. The HDPE Film Crusher iswith low noise, less energy consumption, stable performance, structure stability, reasonable structural design, low failure rate, delicated outlook etc advantages.


2.Features of HDPE Film Crusher


*Focus on the different materials, we design a variety of knives rotors, such as ladder knives rotor, V-type knives rotor, bottle sheets knives rotor etc, customers could choose the different knives rotors, chooses the suitable rotor could improve the capacity ofHDPE Film Crusher, reduce the rate of failure, increase of service life for equipment.


*Reformer Blades structure design, refinement processing technology guarantee the broken particles evenly and less dust.


3.Application Range

HDPE Film Crusher mainly used in Plastic blocks, PE/PET/PP bottles, films, jumbo bags, agricultural film, industrial waste paper, wires & cables, plastic pipes, aluminium profiles, plastic plates, circuit boards, waste wood, household garbage, aluminium cans, carpets etc.


4.Product Details

These pictures can better help you understand HDPE Film Crusher. 


Zhongshan Reformer Environmental TECH. Co., Ltd. is specialized in designing, researching and developing, in producing and saling for a series of environmental protection recycling.


We provide customers with optimization of product design and manufacturing processes, also owning a group of skilled production staffs who are with more than 10 years’ experience for manufacturing recycling products, such us HDPE Film Crusher, our company believes that the top-notch talents are able to produce the top-notch productions.

Notes: Above parameters are default configurations for HDPE Film Crusher, specifications of machines are for reference only and subject to change without prior notice, please confirm with our sales representative when placing order.

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