Scrap copper cables/wires recycling line

With characteristics of reasonable structure, stable operation and function, high capacity, is the first choice of waste cables/wires recycling line. It just feeding the materials one time, several machines to abidance to make out the productions, equipment with separator, good effect of separating plastic and getting good quality of copper, with dust catcher to prevent to pollute the environment

Features of Equipment:
1. The working line is reasonable layout, high space utilization.
2. Intelligent controlling system, high in automatic level, overload automatic stop protection.
3. Gravity separator as for the core of copper cables & wires recycling line, determine the purity of separating product, directly affect the recycling benefits. Using air density layering technology from Europe, frequency conversion control, separation with high precision.
4. Granulator using high strength alternative blade axis, high crushing efficiency, blades are made of alloy tool steel, long service life.
5. Granulator can be chosen air cooling system, delay material and crushing chamber to be hot.

6. Equipment running process is closed-end type, with dust catcher system.