Recycling Line

Waste plastic bottles crushing washing line

Mainly used in PET bottles washing recycling to be recyclable PET flakes, main process flow including: labels peeling, crushing, washing, separating, drying, collecting, at last the moisture content of PET flakes will be around in 2%, reach to be renewable resource. With good washing effect, stable performance, delicated outlook etc advantages,

Waste plastic Film crushing washing line

mainly used in mulching film, agricultural film, woven bags, jumbo bags, industrial film, paper mills film which crushing washing recycling, paper mills film more impurities etc different kinds of films with special design, and the washing lines with low energy consumption, high efficiency cleaning, running stably etc advantages.

Plastic Chemical containers recycling linee

The line specially for crushing washing recycling all types of chemical packaging containers, such as big blue barrels, chemical barrels, oil bottles etc. With a high degree of automation, fewer operation staffs, strong decontamination, good washing effect, low noise, working environment clean and tidy etc advantages, is a new advanced technology and process.

Metal Chemical drums shredding line

The line dedicated to dealing with all kinds of metal drums, such as 200L diesel oil drums, Paint buckets, Resin barrels, chemical barrels, oil filters etc, as a disposal of the latest technology and techniques, the line has reduced secondary pollution, reduce labor intensity, high in automatic level, high production efficiently etc advantages.


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Guangzhou Reformer Recycling Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in designing, researching and developing, in producing and saling for a series of environmental protection recycling. Our main products include single shaft shredder, two shaft shredder, four shaft shredder,etc.
Bringing together a group of the professional and technical talents and management personnel, with more than 10 years professional technology and plentiful experience.
We provide customers with optimization of product design and manufacturing processes, also owning a group of skilled production staffs who are with more than 10 years’ experience for manufacturing recycling products, our company believes that the top-notch talents are able to produce the top-notch productions.

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